Pacsafe products are the best mates for the Global Traveler with our innovative design and unrivalled anti-theft technology. They offer functional travel gear you can rely on. They have your back and inspire people to travel more and have fun.

Let’s face it, nobody likes getting ripped off. We hate it and it’s not just ‘part of the experience’. Having your gear stolen when travelling affects your personal security. Ever been stuck in a foreign country without any money or a passport? We have and trust us, fun isn’t a word that springs to mind. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating smart new ways to keep your gear secure.

Think you’re safe in a busy café in Rome? Think again. Opportunistic thieves are everywhere and aren’t just hiding around Las Ramblas, Barcelona or on the trains of Southern India. So keeping an eye on your stuff, or simply being extra alert and cautious just isn’t enough. After all, why should you have to spend your holiday and adventure worrying about your gear? Travel should be about freedom. About feeling safe out on the road less travelled.

The truth is, the people at PacSafe are independent souls at heart. It’s that sense of freedom that courses through their veins and it’s the itch they feel, when they’re chained to a desk too long. That’s why they are founded on travel and escape whenever they can. This is and never will be a job to them, it’s their passion. It’s in their blood. Yet wherever they go in the world, they listen and we learn from you. Real travellers, with real stories and very real experiences.

Hey, it’s no coincidence that Pacsafe's logo’s a turtle. It’s what inspired them to begin with. With his protective armour he can wander the globe safe and sound. No inhibitions and no holding back. Like him, when your gear’s secure, you can do more.

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