Samsonite Winfield 3 vs. Samsonite Omni Lite 2.0 Luggage

Samsonite Omni Lite 2.0 vs Samsonite Winfield 3 Luggage

They look very similar and often times clients have a hard time choosing between the Samsonite Winfield 3 model and the Samsonite Omni Lite 2.0 collection. In fact, this question comes up so often on any given day from our customers who call in, email or chat with one of our customer care representatives that we decided to ask our product expert Lauren to write down some of the similarities and differences between the two collections so that when it comes time to make a decision between the Winfield 3 and the Omni Lite 2.0, you will have all of that information at the click of a button. Here is what she had to say:

Hello everyone, Lauren here. Some of you may have chatted with me on the Canada Luggage Depot chat line and since many of you have asked me the same question regarding the Samsonite Omni Lite 2.0 Collection vs the Samsonite Winfield 3 Collection I was asked to give my take on these two models. So let’s start with what makes these two collections similar:

1. Don’t let its slick design and look fool you. These two collections are both made of durable 100% polycarbonate material. What makes polycarbonate such a great material is that it is both lightweight and durable which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your bag is going to make its way from point A to point B in one piece! So when it comes to material… both the Winfield 3 and the Omni are equal.

2. Pull up telescopic handle are the same on both models. A push button handle that locks when fully extended so you can push or pull your case. The handle on both these models also lock when fully recessed thereby greatly reducing the risk of damage to the handle when it is not being used.

3. Both collections have mounted TSA locks. For those of you who are unsure of what a TSA lock is… it is essentially a lock that allows you to secure your bag using a three digit combination code. Should a TSA agent need to check your bag they will use their special key to access the contents of your bag, without having to break your lock or rip through your zipper to open up the case.

4. Both collections are expandable (medium and large format) giving you a little more room to do a little more shopping while on holidays. 

5. Both collections have cross straps on one side of the luggage to keep your clothes in place and a zip around mesh divider on the other size for added organization and security. 

So then what makes these two collections different? 

1. The look is the first thing that jumps out at you. Personally I like the slick design of the Samsonite Omni with it’s vertical lines that go up and down the front of the case. It makes me think of a shiny sports car but clearly not much of a determining factor when it comes to picking a piece of luggage.

2. Main compartment zipper – While the Winfield 3 has a standard thinner zipper what I find very appealing about the Omni is that it comes with a #10 thicker auto-repairable zipper. A quick look at both pieces of luggage and the zipper quality really does jump out at you and let’s face it…  the zipper on a suitcase takes a lot of abuse long before you have even left your house for the airport. We stuff our luggage to the gills and then struggle with the zipper to make sure it closes hoping that we do not have to leave behind that extra pair of shoes or pants we just might need. 

3. Top and side handles – The handle on the Omni is easier to grab on to than that of the Winfield 3 and that will come in handy as you try and pull out your luggage off the conveyor belt at the airport. You have about 5 seconds to grab on to your fully loaded suitcase and with that little bit of flexibility that can be felt on the Omni, lifting the luggage will be less of a challenge. Another note on the side handle. The carry on format of the Omni comes with a side handle while the Winfield 3 does not have that side handle and that side handle will come in handy if you have to position your carry sideways on the overhead bin. 

4. Wheels – The Omni Lite 2.0 has four dual, multi-directional spinner wheels for easier mobility when rolling the case upright. The Winfield 3 features single wheels.

5. Kick plate – The Omni Lite 2.0 has a small kick plate in the back of the medium and large formats that the Winfield 3 does not. Just a little bit of extra protection as you go on escalators or get your luggage on and off the curb or up the stairs.

6. Carry on size – The carry on in the Omni Lite 2.0 collection is bigger yet fits perfectly in the Air Canada bins. This allows you to pack more in your carry on which I always find to be an extra bonus.

And there you have it. The similarities and differences between the two collections as I see them. Whichever model you opt for you can rest assured that you have selected a great quality product from the leading brand in the luggage industry. There is a reason Samsonite has stood the test of time and that reason goes far beyond their 10 year global warranty or their incredible marketing team. This is a company that demands and expects the best quality for their client’s investments. Prices are always honest and justified and you will always get what you pay for. When you buy a Samsonite you can rest assured that your luggage will stand the test of time.

Happy Travels.