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Watch the segment here:

Charles the Butler, shares his tips and tricks for effectively packing your trip suitcase.

Tip 1: Know the purpose of your trip – is it business-related, a beach vacation or a combination of both? Start to think about what events, weather and activities you might experience, pack from there.

Tip 2: Try to pick an area where you can lay everything out first, think of your days and what you will wear to pre-plan outfits. Try to mix and match as much as possible at this stage to decrease the number of items you’ll be bringing.

Tip 3: Start to fold everything individually. Casual pants and shirts can be rolled, socks tucked into shoes stored in shoe bags, sweaters folded, and undergarments or bathing suits in plastic zip lock bags by theme. Place your bundles in suitcase the suitcase with heavier items focused at the bottom. Separate delicate items so that you don’t get any catches or snags in the fabric.

Tip 4: Business or formal items need lots of tissue to prevent wrinkling. Tissue paper creates volume and prevents wrinkling. Ball up tissue and fill cups of shirts, dresses and bras, then lay a few pieces between where you fold.

Tip 5: If you are going to multiple destinations, try and pack accordingly. Pack for each destination in separate bags or suitcases.

Tip 6: Take a picture with your smart phone of your suitcase (in case it’s lost) and make sure your name and address is marked clearly both inside and outside. This makes it much easier for the airline to locate and contact you in case it’s lost.


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