14 Travelling Tips and Tricks

Are you planning an upcoming trip? We've got you covered with these amazing travel tips and tricks to keep your sanity.

Thread your necklaces through plastic drinking straws to avoid tangles. Cut the straws to a desired length for bracelets and anklets.

When packing toiletries, unscrew the lids and cover each opening with a small piece of plastic wrap and then screw the lids back on.

Make your own flat iron/ curling iron holder. Fold a pot holder in half and sew along the edge. Now you can pack it even while it is hot.

Save on space by transferring products like foundation and liquid blush into a contact lens case.

Pack your shoes inside shower caps to keep dirt from getting on your clothes.

Protect your camera by storing it in a hard plastic saop case.

Use an empty tic tac container to store items such as bobby pins, toothpicks, or place a needle, some thread and a few buttons inside for a mini sewing kit.

Make your own single use antibiotic packs by squeezing the product into plastic straws and melt the ends closed with a lighter.

Use buttons to keep matching earrings together and keep them from getting lost in the corner creases of your bag.

If your heading to the beach don't forget to pack some baby powder. Pour a small amount onto your hands then rub it on your skin to remove sand.

Use a plastic cereal dispenser as a trash can for your car.

Turn a pill container into a portable spice kit.

Place cotton balls and cotton pads inside your makeup containers to keep them secure so that they don't break.


Don't forget about your house plants while you are away. Make your own automatic watering system by filling a vase with water. Using a 1/4" nylon cord place one end in the vase touching the bottom. Place the other end into the soil of your potted plant about 3 inches deep. The nylon will wick the water from the vase and water your plant as needed.

Source: http://diyhshp.blogspot.ca/2013/04/14-traveling-tips-tricks.html Check out the DIY Home Sweet Home blog for interesting articles and DIY tips and tricks!

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