Gregory Warranty

We build our products to last a lifetime and that's how long we stand behind them. We guarantee to you, the original purchaser, that this product will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own it.

Quality-First Mentality

Since 1977, Gregory packs, bags and adventure travel gear have earned an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability. Premium and uncompromised raw materials, construction, and design are ingrained in our brand culture and our history. To this day, our quality-first mentality is an important part of how we define and differentiate ourselves.

Actions, Not Words

Great life experiences are the end game; they’re why we do what we do at Gregory, and we know the quality of your experience often depends on the quality of your gear. That's why we don't build products to last a season or two—we build them to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. In 1996, we put our money where our mouth is and launched the Gregory Lifetime Guarantee. This guarantee is still in place today and is included with any product you purchase from us. This state of mind drives our design process, empowers our commitment to repairability, and ultimately produces higher performance products that deliver on a longer-than-average lifespan.

The Fine Print

While we always stand 100% behind our workmanship and materials, in order to avoid inflated product prices, we have placed some reasonable limitations on the Gregory Lifetime Guarantee. We cannot cover damage due to unreasonable or abusive use, improper cleaning or storage, or normal wear and tear. We’ve provided some more detail below on how these exclusions are defined which may help you out before submitting a claim.

  • Unreasonable or Abusive Use 
    Some examples of unreasonable or abusive activities: taking your ultra-light backpack canyoneering in Zion, using your active trail daypack as a haul bag on El Cap, or using your pack as a saltwater drag-bag in the Galapagos Islands for two months (these all actually happened). Please feel free to send us some pics, but understand that these types of activities fall outside the intended use of the product and would qualify as “unreasonable or abusive”, voiding your warranty.
  • Improper Cleaning Or Storage 
    Just like a quality piece of outerwear or footwear, packs need to be cared for and cleaned to maintain durability and performance. For more info on how to extend the life of your product, please see Product Care and please, please don’t throw your pack in the washing machine.
  • Normal Wear & Tear 
    This is defined as the expected and inevitable damage that occurs as a result of normal use and/or aging of a product. Damage from normal wear and tear should not render your product unusable during a reasonable life cycle, but it should be noted that textile-based products should not be expected to perform indefinitely at the same level as when they were originally purchased. 

    One good example is foam padding. We use the highest quality EVA foam available, yet over time and with use it will experience some permanent compression, just like your running shoes. Another example is the textile coating on the interior of your pack. This is a tricky one all product manufacturers struggle with. We use the best coating technology available today, but the nature of the product means the coating will begin to degrade as it ages. This will happen at varying degrees depending on the coating and textile materials, the climate, and how the pack has been cared for.

Service & Repair

If one of your Gregory products needs service or repair due to normal wear and tear, animal attack, accidental damage, or any other reason that is not covered under the Gregory Lifetime Guarantee, we are committed to extending the life of your product by repairing it. For non-warranty issues, we’ll perform repairs for a nominal fee in order to help keep your product out of the landfill and on the trail. Please see Service & Repairs for more details.


Please email us at with any helpful suggestions or comments you may have. Your product experiences and design suggestions have always been a part of the evolution of our products and we thank you for being an important member of the Gregory family.

*Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Please note that Canada Luggage Depot is not responsible for any charges associated with product repairs or replacements, including, but not limited to, the cost of packaging, shipping and applicable taxes.