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The things we carry around in our wallets have drastically changed over the past years. The classic forms of payment have been adjusted by all kinds of „plastic-money”. Aside credit- and debit cards, we carry around all kinds of customer cards, payback cards, membership cards, etc. All of those cards have our personal data saved on them.

On one hand, it is very easy to be solvent any place and any time, on the other hand though, the safety risk is steadily increasing. Sensible personal data can – whether during a payment or on the road – very easy become detected illegally without any recognition.

TRU VIRTU® Philosophy

Safety and protection of personal data and documents come first in relation to our TRU VIRTU® products.

The TRU VIRTU® product philosophy stands for the development of innovative and functional products with protectoral functions combined with a distinctive design and high quality. TRU VIRTU® products offer individuality and a one of a kind product-experience.

In the process, high-quality materials such as anodized aluminium, high-strength plastics and stainless steel are being used. This is what makes TRU VIRTU® products extremely robust but light at the same time and that is how new product characteristics and functions, e.g. RFID-protection, can be realized.

All TRU VIRTU® products are developed and tested exclusively in Germany by our engineers and designers.

TRU VIRTU® - Reduced to the Max!® means maximum functionality at minimum size.

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