Bric's Milano

Travel in decades past was glamorous. Trunks and bags were handcrafted of the finest materials, all designed to last a lifetime. People dressed beautifully and celebrated travel for the joy - and luxury that it is. As time passed, both "luggage" or travel bags and traveler's attire have become less aesthetically pleasing. In days of yore, a trunk was lifted carefully into a cargo hold, whereas today bags are thrown onto a plane or slide down into baggage claim carousel. For BRIC'S, the challenge is clear: create timeless travel bags that exceed the expectations of the most discerning traveler. Italian design and the best materials result in a line as functional as it is fabulous. Our Signature coated canvas is created through 15 proprietary processes and has a tensile strength that surpasses ballistic nylon. Paired with our vegetable tanned, Tuscan full grain leather trims and luxe linings you'll rediscover that luxury and durability go hand-in-hand with BRIC'S.

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